Antifragile investing

Managing assets in order to preserve wealth across generations and prosper through economic cycles

Noble Capital Management

We are an investment management company specialized in transforming volatility and uncertainty into opportunity. Through the years, we have developed a strong expertise on derivatives and precious metals, the roots of our antifragile approach.


Launching of NCM SA a Swiss Company, established in Geneva


Billion CHF assets under management


Obtaining the FINMA license for collective asset manager


Portfolio Management

Advisory services & managed accounts for UHNWI and Family Offices

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Fund Management

NCM Enhanced Physical Gold Macro Fund

A Swiss hedge fund providing an anti-fragile strategy in an increasingly unstable environment

NCM Global Equity Selection Fund

A flexible alpha generating approach through stock picking capabilities combined with sectorial and style rotations

NCM Fixed Income Opportunities Fund

An active strategy focusing on corporate bond special situation opportunities

the ability to improve from shocks and disorder

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

News & Insights

An increasingly bipolar world?

An increasingly bipolar world?

Are we shifting, slowly but relentlessly towards a multipolar or at least a bipolar currency regime ? That highly strategic debate has been open for quite some time now which leads some observers to conclude – a bit hastily maybe – that this is some kind of never-ending story. In other words, the lack of truly credible alternatives to the US dollar implies, according to them, that the whole debate is bound to remain essentially theoretical, however convincing the arguments for enhanced polarity may objectively be and grow in credibility.

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Tight labor market, inflation and the Fed

Tight labor market, inflation and the Fed

Contrary to a widespread belief, the true ultimate driver of long-term inflation is not commodity prices nor supply chain disruption. It is wages. That is because inflation is essentially a redistribution of wealth between owners of financial assets and other creditors on the one hand, to workers, producers of tangible goods or debtors on the other. Such redistribution depends on the balance of power between those stakeholders.

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